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I am going away on holidays, what should I do to let the Control Room know?

You should always phone and advise the Control Room a minimum of 2 days prior to leaving, you can update your emergency contact list and provide details as to how long you will be away for.

What happens if something goes wrong while I am away and access is needed to my premises?

We recommend that you leave a set of keys with a neighbour, friend, family member or even a Patrol company, just in case access is required in the event of an emergency such as fire, storm damage or electrical failure. You should advise the Control Room of the contact details of the key holder so they can liase with them in the event of an emergency.

Is it safe to turn the power off to our house while we are away, to save power while no one is home?

No, your security system operates on power and requires that the power be left on at all times, in the event of a power failure to your premises your security system will switch to it’s back up battery source but this will only keep the system running for a short period of time and will eventually go flat.

My staff has changed and I need to update my current user list and callout order, how do I do this?

You can make any permanent changes to your user list by contacting our Control Room and requesting a client update form, you can complete this and return via fax or email, please note we only accept client detail changes in writing and this should be on the forms we supply.

Can I leave my windows open when I go out now that I have an alarm system installed?

Leaving your windows open regardless of whether you have an alarm installed and turned on is not a very good idea, good security includes locking all doors and windows when you are out. You could also incur false alarms from the alarm system as some detectors will activate with the breeze or any items which may move in the breeze such as curtains.

Can bugs and insects cause my alarm to activate?

Yes, Insects, Moths & Geckos can all cause false alarms with your alarm system, regular checks and maintenance should include making sure detectors are clear of any spider webs, spraying the wall around the detector with a surface spray will keep most insects away, you should never spray the detector directly though. In some areas Geckos can be very bad, wiping the wall surface around the detector with something like Vaseline will discourage them from walking across or near the detector.

If my alarm is activated how long will it take for the Patrol to arrive?

Naskam Security will contact a Patrol company as soon as an alarm is received if you have requested a Patrol to attend, Naskam Security has no control over the time taken to attend as this can be affected by the location of the premises, time of the day and traffic conditions. Naskam Security uses the services of local Patrol companies in your area, Naskam Security does not provide Patrol services ourselves.

How can I make sure my alarm is getting used properly?

Naskam Security will provide training on completion of the alarm installation, you will be provided with a user manual which you should keep in a safe place so you can refer to it when needed. All users of the alarm system should be trained on the correct use of the system and be aware of the correct Entry and Exit procedures. All users should ensure they check for a visual indication on the alarm code pad when arming or disarming the system to see what state it currently is in and to ensure they have correctly Armed or Disarmed the system. In the event that a user accidentally triggers the alarm they should contact our Control Room on 07 5493 6300 straight away and advise the operators of the situation, make sure you are able to identify yourself with your personal Voice ID, this will save you incurring the cost of a Patrol callout or unnecessary calls to emergency contacts.

Why do I need a Voice ID?

In order for our Control Room operators to provide services to you over the phone you MUST be able to identify yourself, Naskam Security provides the ability for you to nominate a Voice ID for you to use when requesting assistance from our operators, this Voice ID must be supplied in writing. Our operators will not be able to provide any information or help to you unless you can provide this Voice ID.

What should I do if I accidentally activate my alarm system by mistake?

First you should turn your alarm system off, once you have disarmed your alarm system you should call our Control Room on 07 5493 6300 or 1300 627 526 and verify with our operators using your Voice ID.

I set my alarm off and disarmed it but no one called me, I thought I would get called, what happened?

Your alarm system reports a disarming to our Control Room showing the alarm was turned off with a legitimate code, due to the high number of these alarms on disarming we do not call the premises when a legitimate code has disarmed the alarm. Most clients don’t want to be called if they have made a mistake on disarming. If you would prefer to be called then you can contact the Control Room and request they enter specific instructions to do so.