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The rollout of the NBN (National Broadband Network) is well underway, with many Australians already connected. While there are many benefits to being connected to the NBN, there are some issues with NBN and security system incompatibility your security systems.  Here’s what you need to do to know to stay protected.

NBN and Security System Incompatibility – What’s the issue?

The NBN consists of a variety of technologies to connect homes and businesses to the internet. These technologies include fibre-optical cable, copper wire network and wireless. Traditionally phones and security systems have been connected to the internet via a phone line, but with the changes that come with connecting to the NBN, this won’t be possible in most cases. There are especially issues with power outages which could mean your security system can’t connect to the internet, leaving your home or business vulnerable.

Timeframe for copper disconnection

From the time the NBN becomes available where you are, an 18-month transition period begins, in which you must select an NBN provider from those available in your region. At the end of this 18-month transition period, you must disconnect your copper voice-based telephone line.

This essentially means that you will have 18 months to transition to an NBN-compatible security system if you want to remain protected. At Naskam we highly recommend that you begin transitioning your alarm system as soon as possible to prevent any disruptions in your security.

How to stay protected

The NBN will change the method that most Australians connect to the internet, which has a huge impact on alarm systems. There are a variety of different ways to prepare your security system for the NBN, so we recommend getting in touch with one of our experts so we can tailor a solution to your needs and situation.

Security alarms are capable of working over the NBN, but there are some specific requirements to ensure that your system is compatible. In order to make sure that your security system remains operational during power outages, we recommend you transition to a wireless security solution, using 3G or 4G, instead of the NBN.

With the NBN having a large impact on security systems and monitoring, check with Naskam to ensure your home or business system is NBN ready.