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Ever experienced that jolt of anxiety when you remember you might have left your back door unlocked and the premises are then not secure? Or perhaps, that fleeting moment of panic when you hear a noise in the middle of the night? You’re not alone. Security concerns are universal. Thankfully, technology has our back. Enter: Security Alarm Monitoring.

What is Security Alarm Monitoring?

It’s not just a buzzword. Security Alarm Monitoring is like vigilant security guard at your premises, only more efficient. This system keeps an eye on your security alarms, waiting for any sign of trouble. If the alarm is triggered, this system will promptly notify the necessary parties, which might be you, the monitoring center, or even law enforcement agencies.

Why It’s Essential

Protecting Assets

First and foremost, our homes or business premises house valuable assets. Think about it. Would you be comfortable knowing there’s a potential threat to your electronics, jewelry, or even confidential business data? A security alarm monitoring system acts as a robust protective layer against potential intruders, safeguarding your assets.

Providing Peace of Mind

Priceless as it sounds, peace of mind is something we all yearn for. Knowing your home or business is under surveillance 24/7 brings comfort. Gone are the days when you’d second-guess your safety; with monitored alarms, rest easy, literally.

Types of Alarm Monitoring


Crafted with homeowners in mind, residential monitoring systems ensure your living spaces remain intrusion-free. Whether you’re home, at work, or vacationing in the Maldives, these systems got your residence covered.


Businesses have unique security needs, and commercial alarm monitoring addresses these. Protecting not just physical assets but also sensitive data, these systems offer multi-faceted protection.

Specialized Systems

Beyond the usual, there are tailored systems for specific needs. Maybe you need temperature monitoring in a cold storage facility or ensuring no unauthorized access in a research lab. Specialized systems cater to these unique demands.

Features to Look For

Real-Time Notifications

In the age of instant gratification, wouldn’t you want immediate alerts if something’s amiss? Real-time notifications ensure you’re in the loop, always.

Remote Access

Ever wanted to be in two places at once? With remote access features, monitor your premises from anywhere in the world. It’s like having superpowers, without the cape.

Choosing the Right Service

Reputation and Reviews

A quick internet search can reveal a lot. Before committing, scout for reviews. After all, your security shouldn’t be entrusted to just anyone, right?


While security is paramount, it shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Look for providers offering a good balance between quality and cost.

Support and Reliability

The best alarm system is as good as the team behind it. Opt for providers known for impeccable customer support and system reliability.

Naskam Security Services: Your Choice on the Sunshine Coast

For over 37 years, Naskam Security Services has stood as an emblem of trust, commitment, and technological excellence on the Sunshine Coast. With roots in the heart of Queensland, this homegrown name has surpassed traditional security dynamics, introducing a blend of state-of-the-art technology with impeccable service standards.

Commercial Security Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Commercial Security Solutions Tailored for Your BusinessWhile many provide security solutions, Naskam distinguishes itself by specializing in commercial electronic security. No homes, no guards, just pure, sophisticated electronic monitoring tailored to businesses. Every business on the Sunshine Coast, irrespective of its scale, deserves an intricate blend of reliability and cutting-edge technology.

Region-specific Expertise

The Sunshine Coast isn’t just another region for us; it’s home. Our expertise is laser-focused on catering to the specific requirements of this region. And, when we say “Sunshine Coast”, we truly mean it, with no deviations.

In-house Monitoring: Our Distinct Edge

Where many outsource their monitoring services, Naskam proudly stands apart. We have our dedicated control room on the coast. This not only ensures swifter response times but also a deeper understanding of local nuances. You see, when it comes to security, local expertise can make a significant difference.


Security Alarm Monitoring is more than just a technological marvel; it’s a promise of safety and peace. In a world brimming with uncertainties, make the smart choice of embracing monitored security. Sleep better, live better. Learn more about how Naskam can help your business with its security monitoring.


What triggers a security alarm?

Typically, unauthorized movements, breaches, or specific environmental changes like smoke or temperature fluctuations can trigger the alarm.

How fast is the response time for monitored alarms?

Most systems promise a near-instantaneous response, usually within seconds of an alarm being activated.

Are there any false alarms?

While technology has significantly reduced false alarms, they can occasionally happen. Factors include system glitches or environmental factors like pets.

Is there a monthly fee for security alarm monitoring?

Yes, typically monitoring services charge a monthly or annual fee, which varies based on the service level you choose.

Can I self-monitor my security alarms?

Some systems offer a self-monitoring option, but professional monitoring ensures a more consistent and comprehensive response.

Why choose Naskam Security Services on the Sunshine Coast?

Naskam offers 37+ years of electronic security expertise, in-house monitoring, and tailor-made solutions for local businesses. They’re more than just a provider; they’re a trusted legacy on the coast.